Keeptech Protection started in a 2015 from providing limb and Back Protectors for motorbike industry and in between, we’ve scored big and sometimes struggled to reach our goals.
We’ve done our best for the best. We’ve improved and grown. Looking ahead to the future, always remembering where we came from and now, we are providing world best and slimmest Full body Personal Protection Equipment in the world for all sports industry.


Our Mission is to be the market leader in world for Personal protection equipment and we will achieve this by providing the best competitive price compare to the quality. We will take the lead in the market by our innovative product research and development. We also learn from our customer experience and always try to provide the knowledge to our customers about the importance of their safety.


All of our products are designed and developed as per European standards. Our products are CE certified from Best European Lab. To maintain Quality standard, we have developed an in-house testing department based on the Values of European requirement. We have developed a batch Technique on behalf of which we can track our products and we also provide our customers with in-house test reports, so they can feel safe with our safety protectors.


Our Reverse Engineering department is proposed as a crucial answer for updating or duplicating models and items at this point not accessible.
Reverse engineering plays a major role in reducing time for product Re-development and also to improve data required for product Reengineering.
3D scanning technology process to get each and every detail of the product to achieve perfection every time as per the demand of customer.
Designing can be used for Physical prototype, but exact same perfection and also for bulk production reverse engineering play a major role in mold creation.

3D Designing

Our design department play a major role in fulfilling the demand of customer. We follow each and every step mentioned by our customer and then come up with an innovative design. In motorcycling industry, we design the lightweight and highly flexible protector which also fulfill the safety standard requirement of PPE.
Our company provide the best service to shape the customers idea at its best.
Our design department follow certain steps while developing any new product
  • Designing
  • Material finding
  • Mold Making
  • CE Certification
Specialty of our design department that we can provide the estimated cost of final product before starting the project and always provide the best competitive prices compare to the market.


Keeptech Protection provide the best services for certification, extension and testing of new protectors. Our documentation department have very good knowledge of required documents and work as nominated person in front and provide all the technical documents required for certification

Certification acquirement

To acquire the certificate product should need to pass all the mandatory test mentioned by the Directive. Notified Body issue the certificate with all important specifications.


Certification is mandatory for the market, to guarantee that specific items, for which there is a European Directive, can be put at sale.

The CE approved certificate is the digital signed document given by a European Notified Body that confirms that an item conforms to essential health and safety requirements of the respective Directive. As per the market change, we also keep ourselves updated with new trend, so UK market we also provide the extension of UKCA, so our customer won’t face any problem.

Documentation depends upon the test run on products, so Keeptech Protection provide everything technical documentation, user info, CE Marking etc.

Time taken by Process

Normally it takes 10 days for testing at normal process and after testing a major role played by the documentation. Proper documentation and correctness is a big factor in time saving to get the certificate and we provide best services for that.