KT-640 S Type B

EN 1621-1:2012 Level 2

CE Level 2 Certified Shoulder Protective Pads

Our CE LEVEL 2 rated insert shoulder Type A protective pad recommended to be used in shoulder area of Textile, Leather, jeans and Casual safety Garments. The protective pad is made up of ULTRA Flex material, it is soft and flexible at body temperature and on impact get hard to prevent you from injury.


  • Made with ULTRA FLEX
  • Shoulder Type B.
  • Level 2 Certified from Ricotest.
  • Protectors clear level 2 standard by 35 percent according to standard requirement. (EN 1621-1:2012)
  • Protectors are Lightweight and comfortable.
  • To clean the protector, remove it from the garment and just wipe it with wet cloth.